Hi Google this is an official request from nobody special but a strong voice. I would like for you to consider putting an advisory for weather and maybe some other things on your main page of Google.com. I know this real estate is very important to you as you want the front page to be clutter free. The advisory could be for logged in users as a link by their name if they have entered their location. The link could go to the warning page like you crisis map, which I just found out about last night, thank you for that btw. It is already helping a relative of mine out. A lot of people might not know about about the official sites that they can get the information from. You could also place the link to people in the area by ip if a user is not logged it. Mobile users could navigate evacuation areas…anyways many ways to do this please consider it.

The appearance of the link could save lives, a lot of people get their information from the internet but many sources are not accurate or reliable. Example below, click for full size.