Kred LogoKred is a Social Media Measurement website. They attempt to give you a score based on two factors they are Influence and Outreach. Influence is measured by interactions that your followers have with you and manually buy uploading “Kred Moments”. Outreach is how you interact with others by giving them exposure to your social circles. Kred gives social influencers rewards for being having high scores within a particular topic referred to as communities. Advertisers hope that in exchange for a free or discounted product that the influencers will give them additional exposure on the internet.

Signing Up

The Best method for signing up is to go to and select sign in with Twitter. It is hard to trade Kred while only using your Facebook account because they assign you a number instead of a username. The twitter username will be your main way of receiving Kred. Once you sign up then you can connect your Facebook and LinkedIn account by clicking on the gear icon at the top and selecting “manage Identities”, from their just follow the prompts.


Influence is a number assigned by Kred and is the upper left hand side of your score badge. The main one is for Global and then you have an individual score based on Communities. The score is calculated based from your followers interactions currently on Facebook and Twitter. Part speculation but it does not seem that Kred can accurately apply points gained from Facebook to community scores. Twitter on the other hand it can grab information based on hashtags and users profile information along with text from tweets.


Outreach is how much you give back, Kred believes that outreach is very important so in order to increase you outreach naturally all you need to do is interact by replying to other people and putting them in your tweets, comments etc. Giving Kred is a good way to increase outreach in a particular topic.

Kred Point System

Influence and Outreach Points


Kred is somewhat open about its point system and gives us the ability to look up recent points gained from social interactions. Here are how the points are laid out:

On Kred
Giving Kred=30 Points in Outreach (topic specific)
Receiving Kred=70 Points in Influence (topic specific)
On Twitter
Retweeting someone else=10 points to Outreach
Someone reweets you=10 points to influence (the more followers they have increases the number of points)
Someone follows you=1 point to Influence
You follow someone=1 point to Outreach
You mention someone else=10 points to Outreach
On Facebook-Only High Points items listed
Someone posts on your wall=20 points to Influence
Someone shares your link=20 points to influence
You are mentioned in a post=10 points to Influence
You post on someones wall=20 points to Outreach

Uploading Kred Moments
Kred Moments can have a value of 50 to 500,000 points depending on the achievement

Kred Topics and Communities

Kred has Topics and Communities, they are somewhat intertwined. For most rewards you will need a certain amount of influence and outreach for a particular topic. If you are joining Kred to get rewards you might want to look through the most recent rewards and choose what topics to tweet or share about or trade in a that topic. Since it might be hard for Kred to analyze all the data in your twitter stream you may want to include hashtags . I have tried to tweet using hastags directly related to topics and even the name of the topics themsleves but Kred did not give me points based on the tweets, I even had retweets on them so my advice if you really want to increase in a topic is to just trade Kred with people. Website Issues

The website is slow to respond a lot of times. There have been many issues reported including but not limited to:
Not Loading
Only works good with certain browsers (chrome and Firefox are the better ones)
Database errors causing points gained to be lost.

Kred Rewardskred-reward-sol-republic

Kred Rewards have their on tab in the main navigation. The rewards are mostly targeted towards a topic, if you are short on points on a topic then you can just trade Kred until you have enough points. Giving Kred Increases your outreach so if you need outreach just give Kred in that topic until you have enough. If you need influence then people will need to give you Kred so Just ask in your tweet. You can find out the requirements by Clicking on the rewards tab then the specific reward.
The headphones shown are a reward that I claimed with a little bit of Kred trading in the tech topic. Valued at $99.99

Give Kred ButtonGiving Kred

In order to give Kred you will need the persons Kred link or Twitter username, just add the twitter username to the end of the url, for me it is You can also copy the twitter user name from the notifications or the tweet (how they can notify you they gave kred), then paste it in the search box on the upper right hand side.
Then you click on the “Give +Kred” button in the middle. From there you can leave it on Global or change it to the topic they need.