Increase Your Klout Score

Increase Your Klout Score

Klout keeps changing their algorithm and the design of the site but a few things remain the same. They try to figure out if you are influential based mainly off of your interactions with people. They support a number of networks to connect to but only a few of them actually change your score. I will break down what to do in each network to increase your Klout Score. As you can see from the Picture on the left, my klout score is a 75 at the time of this blog post.(pretty good) Note…These are based off my attempts to increase my Klout Score as a regular person, a celebrity would use some different methods, I am assuming you are not a celebrity.

Using Twitter to increase your Klout ScoreUsing Twitter to increase your Klout Score

Twitter can be really simple. All you have to do is get followers, retweets, mentions and listed to increase your Klout score. A really quick way to increase your Klout score with Twitter is to give and receive K’s. When a lot of people trade K’s they tweet about it, that mention will help your Klout Score. Followers are more of a measure of your longevity and less of a factor in Klout because influence is gauged mainly on interactions. Getting Retweets is a great way to increase your Klout score but the problem is….they are hard to get, normally. You can ask for Retweets, yep, simple as that. You can ask for retweets on some Facebook Groups, Forums and Empire Avenue. Try to get at least 20 retweets a day and you will jump fast from the lower to mid Klout scores.

You can see from the screenshot on the right what Klout measures, they may use some other metrics. These are what they show and what I work with. These come directly from my Klout profile.

Using Facebook to increase your Klout Score

Using Facebook to increase your Klout Score

Using Facebook to increase your Klout Score

Facebook is a great way to increase your Klout Score. Most people interact on Facebook with about 10 people a day, well in order to increase your score simply increase the number of people you interact with. The more comments, Likes and tags you get the better.  So to start you need to find friends that are on daily to interact with. You can find them through groups or maybe some of your friends are already active. Just ask yourself a few questions: Are they on everyday? Do they Tag? Do they comment? if you can answer yes to those questions then you only have about 30-70 more people to find. Find other Klouters on Facebook that are using the same system and you will do great in very little time. On the left are my Facebook stats preceding this post.

Empire Avenue can be a good place to get likes and comments from but that should only be a short term solution, while you gather some real followers.

Above is an example of a post that helped my Klout score. I gathered the information for the new Klout Moments. You can see that 46 people were engaged  in this post and that it received three dots because of the large amount of interaction on it.

Using Google+ to increase your Klout Score

Google+ is similar to Facebook although I do not take full advantage of it.  Get People to interact with you, if you +1 them then ask them to +1 you back and do the same for comments and Reshares. You can also do missions on empire avenue asking for “Google+ Bombs”, although you will get more points for comments, people are more difficult to get a comment from but it is easy to get a +.

Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn and Foursquare are a less effective way to increase your Klout score but you should not ignore them. On LinkedIn your main points come from your job title, I don’t know the specifics but they gathered some information and determined that the CEO of a company will have some real world Klout so they included that.  Klout also tracks your recommendations so getting together and trading recommendations will help.

LinkedIn also has an endorse skills and Expertise. I believe that Klout will intergrate that in the near future, at the very least it will make your resume look good so start asking people to endorse and recommend you.


On Foursquare the main points come from your tips, so when you check in to a place make sure you leave a tip when people like it then it will help your score. Take a moment to leave a high quality tip or funny tip and you will get a better response.

How about this one???

Actually be influential. starting out you will have a limited audience but as time goes on and your social media connections and audience grows you will have a real chance to be influential and your numbers will continue to grow. Happy Klouting…