Getting to the top section of twitter search results or for hashtags may seem like it is only for the elite but I am going to teach you how to rank for them, even if you are just the average user. There is a video and below that are step by step instructions on how to rank for twitter search results.

  1. Do research on your hastag, there are many ways to do this but you can use the search funtion on Kred. It has a lot of data about searches and hashtags.
  2. Compose the tweet using hashtags. The example uses #fitness #nutrition #strength and #GetMarked
  3. Get retweets, replies and favorites. Retweets are the most imortant. You can get started by simply asking people to retweet you in forums and facebook groups. Can’t find one…then create one.

The goals for achieving a high result in Twitters search could be to get retweets, replies and favorites from people that are not currently in your network. The time spent on the top is normally short sometimes a few hours and sometimes a few days. This exposure can generate traffic you your site or make more people aware of your topic.

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