Welcome to the Twittersphere, This article will help you to find people to follow, get followers and how to succeed on twitter for a variety of reasons including increasing your Klout Score.
Basics of a tweet. First you will need to learn a little terminology.

  • Tweet – Post of 140 characters or less
  • Hashtag – The pound sign before a word or phrase
  • Mention – a tweet that is addresses or includes someone else. @username
  • Reply – This is a mention in reply to a specific tweet
  • Tweeps – Followers, ie my tweeps or just Twitter People in General

Lets start with the hashtag, a hashtag becomes a link, it is all characters after the pound sign up untill you use a space. Some examples of hashtags are #klout #getmarked #family. #klout refers to a specific topic and/or company,  you will be able to click on the hashtag and go to this page: https://twitter.com/i/#!/search/?q=%23klout&src=hash #getmarked is a hashtag used by marked nutrition to market their line of products, hardly anyone besides them uses it so it is a good choice. #family is general and could be used for any type of family related posts.

For advanced hashtag methods, get replies and retweets.

Retweets to get a higher Klout Score

In order to increase your klout score retweets by themselves are not enough to achieve a high score. You will need retweets, Replies and Favorites from users that have authority. So they need to have a high Klout score themselves, if Obama retweets you then you will get a bonus as opposed to a new twitter account. You don’t need Obama though just a good amount of like minded klouters.

Retweets to rank for a hashtag

When you want to get to the top of the page for top tweets in a hashtag then you need a combination of speed and retweets, if someone has more retweets than you and is in the top spot you can beat them by getting your retweets fast, all you have to do is ask for retweets in forums (secret ones, you know who you are) or empire avanue. In my two example screen captures I took over the top spot by making twitter think my tweet was viral because I got the retweets so fast.

The top tweet got overtaken with 11 retweets and 1 reply. At the time of writing it is up to 24 retweets and in rock solid in first place. The advantage of getting to the top of a hashtag is that they are used often so your tweet may be viewed many times. This increase in exposure can lead to more retweets or people clicking on your link, if you included a pic or video then it would start appearing on the left side which I was not trying to rank for today. Twitter is fast paced so for popular hashtags you may not appear on top for long.

How to get Followers on Twitter

I should title that how not to get followers. Getting followers from any random program will not help you. Try to get twitter followers that will interact with you. I am not going to pitch a program because to date I have not found a good one. I do use Twiends at the moment, I pay about $10 per week and it gets me about 30-50 followers a day. I have it set to not follow back because most of those people will unfollow me anyways.Follow for follow does not work, and if you unfollow to many people to fast you will get a warning from twitter then banned. So be careful. I follow people from my Facebooks groups and people that I am interested in, that works for me. People are mainly interested in one thing….themselves so if you retweet them or reply then follow them they are more likely to follow back.

Good Composition of a tweet

A good tweet will incorporate most of these elements. A hashtag so your tweet can be searched, a mention as a way to interact with one or more users, some valuable information and media. You only have a little amount of space to work with so you need action phrases if you want your viewers to click on a link or watch a video. Often I will remove puntuation and any unnecessary words or even exclude grammar altogether…lol

Twitter is fast paced but can be a useful communication tool, to get the most out of it reply and favorite, Favorite is kind of like a “like” on facebook. Pic on the left is a recent list of replies to my tweet.  Most replies are short but you can have a full conversation by replying to the same post.


Here are a couple things to watch out for.

  • Apps – Be careful with apps, only use trusted apps
  • Buying Followers – never give out your password to these companies
  • Following – When you follow they will be able to direct message you.  Spammers do this all the time.
  • Location Tagging – Be careful about announcing vacations, users might see you posted in Texas and Know you live in Florida.
  • Never give personal information on Twitter, the whole world can see it.

Twitter Browser Extensions

For twitter and Klout I use the Chrome Klout Browser Extension. It shows users Klout scores in the tweets and provides a direct link to give K’s https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/klout-beta/jjaakbhpcbpmojkhpiaacepfcaniglak